Special Instructions:


2020 funding priorities

  • International Village School: needs a new lab and staff administration block. Currently the teachers work in a tin structure which is very hot - 47’000 chf
  • The Children's Centre:for food, medicines, staff salaries - all donations appreciated.
  • Water: many of the community wells which ConnectSwiss built in 2006-2007 need new pumps costing around 1’000 chf each including installation
  • Training Centres: for staff salaries, building maintenance – all donations appreciated

can transform lives

1 chf a day

In Switzerland, one franc will not even buy you a cup of coffee or a bus fare. In Kenya however, one franc will buy a mosquito net that will help keep someone safe from malaria. One franc a day will rehabilitate a child. One franc a day will maintain two community wells.


Where will you spend your one franc?

100% goes to community projects


ConnectSwiss is run entirely by our board of Swiss professionals free of charge. They cover all administrative costs so that your donations are exclusively spent on life-changing projects in Africa. All our accounts are audited annually and CVs of the board members are available to sponsoring foundations.

For 50 chf a year

As a member you would be able to contribute to the development of life changing projects in rural Africa. The annual membership fee enables ConnectSwiss to maintain its ongoing projects. The members guide our work and identify ways in which we can best reach our objectives. Members provide a vital role in formulating the direction of our work through voting and holding office.


At a glance:

  • Contribute funding proposals, networking support and help with other tasks.
  • Participate in annual general meetings.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters and the Annual Report and Accounts.
  • Support the administration’s running costs.

How to join:

  1. Agree with our Statutes and Mission Statement
  2. Email us your name and postal address formally requesting to be a member.
  3. Pay your membership fee (Swiss residents may request a postal inpayment slip.)


Make a difference and help people. All of your donation is used directly for rural communities and not on project overheads.



Please state clearly the project for which the funds are intended; as well as your name and address for receipt. If you state "where most needed", we will inform you which project your donation was used on.


Account holder:


UBS SA, Geneva, Switzerland
CH83 0024 0240 6815 9501 C

Account holder


Thank you.